Sunday, July 21, 2013

Harvest and Market

I have attended two market days now and have sold out each time!  Well nearly sold out.  One bouquet left last Saturday.  I'm having lots of fun but it is clear that I will need a van soon.  30 bouquets is all I can carry in my little chevy colbalt.

We are now harvesting potatoes, green beans, cucumbers and some greens.  Summer squash is coming on too.  I have a bit of weeding to do this week but luckily the weeds pop out easily due to the nice raised beds we built this spring. 

I have learned how crucially important irrigation is to getting things to size up in a timely matter.  Lesson learned. 

The deer fence we put up a month ago is working like a charm.  Thank goodness!  One less thing to stress about.

Enjoy our photos from last Friday and Saturdays market prep.

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