Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crazy Days

Never buy a house, start a farm and get married all in the same year.  It makes for a bit more stress than necessary.  Considering all of the planning, it hasn't been too bad.  Only recently have I started to become a bit frazzled with an occasional mood shift from frustrated, sad, angry and then happy again.  Mostly, my stress manifests in bad dreams which are a bit unsettling at times.

With that said, things are actually moving on quite nicely here.  We are a bit behind schedule on the farm but not too bad.  I'm already really excited for the fall garden and a strong flower crop for Mothers Day next year.  I really wanted to knock it out of the park my first year but that is nearly impossible.

We are finally getting a few blooms.  A snapdragon here.  Some bachelors buttons there.  One sunflower popped open today.  I think that we will be rockin by mid July and there is no doubt that the show will be amazing in August.  I'm planting as much as I can so that I have too much instead of not enough but I still feel like I don't have enough!

The vegetable plants are looking really nice.  We have peas!  The potatoes are starting to bloom.  Beans are leafed out, the brassicas are growing fast!  The beets, onions, lettuce, corn, mustards, Asian greens, turnips, and radish all look great.  We haven't had rain in over two weeks and there isn't much in the forecast either.  Not good!  Our lawn is parched.  I'm moving a sprinkler around the garden constantly.  I'm hoping to have irrigation soon but it's all about the $$$.

This weekend we should have some crops for our csa members!  Finally. 

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