Flower Shares 2017

Thanks for your interest in the Leelanau Specialty Cut Flowers bouquet subscription.

 Our bouquet subscription is also known as a CSA. CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  When you join a CSA you are investing in that farm and helping the farmer to buy seeds, seed starting supplies, tools and also supporting the labor that goes into farming during the time of year when there is little cash flow for the farmer.  And in return, you will receive lots of beautiful flowers.  You are also supporting your local economy.  Most flowers found in grocery stores are shipped in from south America.  They are covered with pesticides and the workers that tend and harvest them are payed far below a living wage.

 At Leelanau Specialty Cut Flowers we use organic farming principles to bring you the most beautiful flowers. Our goal is to create a bio diverse farm full of beneficial wildlife and soil biology. We work to use the most sustainable and responsible farming practices such as composting, crop rotation, cover cropping and creating habitat for beneficial wildlife.  Transparency is important to us so feel free to ask us questions or to set up a visit with us.

We are growing a huge selection of flowers, herbs, shrubs, and vines.

We are offering our subscription monthly. Each month is $80.00 which includes 4 beautiful, fresh, weekly bouquets. Sign up for 3 or more months and receive each month for $72.00.  Subscription months run from May through September.
We are extremely excited for this year and hope you will join us for the season of 2017!

May-June :tulips, alliums, fragrant narcissus, ranunculus, anemones, snapdragons, sweet William, and more.

July: snapdragons, sweet William, foxglove, lisianthus, cosmos, zinnias, cerinthe, and dozens more.

August : dahlias galore and everything else we grow will be in peak bloom.

September : dahlias galore and more. Lots of gorgeous fall colors!

Our shares can be purchased by calling Michelle at 231-714-7327 or emailing Michelle at Leelanauscf@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Michelle Shackelford

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