Sunday, May 5, 2013

Progress on the Farm

We finally started putting up the greenhouse yesterday.  The hoops and side rails are all up.  Today we will finish the end walls, install the fans and heater and put the plastic up.  I may not even need the heater at all the rest of this spring so that will be nice. 

 Andrew and his brother Adam finishing up before dark.  They kicked some serious butt to get all this up.

 Lots of flower and vegetable babies.

 I spent a few hours hand lifting the dead sod out front.  I'm going to rent a sod cutter since there is no way in hell that I can do all of that field by hand.  It will measure about 65' by 145'.

 New seedlings.  Ornamental grasses, amaranth, dianthus, ageratum, and celosia.

This is the northwest field.  It measures 126' by 113'.  We need a tiller to run over it two more times though to help break up all the grass chunks.  This is going to be a year of battling grass for sure!
I also tilled a field in the backyard that measures 50' by 50' ish.  We have about 25,710 sq feet of planting space now.  That should do it, I hope!


  1. Holy cow! You aren't messing around!!!

    Our field was sod and while it took longer to breakdown initially (just keep tilling), the organic matter and worms it left were worth it!

    So happy for you!

    1. Thanks Erin! You have had a lot to do with it all. You are pure inspiration for me!