Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Most Genius of Mothers Day Gifts

12 weeks of bouquets.  Think about it.  Instead of saying Happy Mothers Day just once, you can say it all summer long with a flower share from Perbellus Flower Farm.  Each bouquet is hand crafted by me, with flowers from our farm, the day before they will receive it.  That's fresh.  The moms in your life deserve it!

Our flower share runs from mid June through mid September and it is $180.  We will send a personalized card to the flower share recipient announcing the gift so that they know you didn't forget about them on Mothers Day. 

If you live in Traverse City delivery is available.  Otherwise you can pick up at the Traverse City farmers market on Saturdays at our booth or on our farm at a scheduled time.

Please email us to discuss the flower share further.

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