Saturday, January 19, 2013

This is the first post for Perbellus Fruit and Flower Farm.  We are in the very early stage of start up.  I'm currently working on acquiring our first greenhouse which is very exciting!

Perbellus will specialize in organically grown cut flowers, fruits and vegetables.  We will also have veggie transplants this spring.  We plan to sell at the Traverse City farmers market throughout the spring, summer and fall this year.  In the following years, we hope to make our products available via a CSA, farm stand, local retailers and florists.

We will keep you posted as we progress

Thank you!


  1. This will be a wonderful place to live and work. You are doing a great service for the community. Wonderful! (This comment box only goes to Google etc profiles. What's this? I want to send it to Perbellus Farm. See if this works. Robin in NC)

  2. Hi
    I found your other blog just recently and like the mixture of what you show and have subscribed, but I will do that too on this one, look forward to see more here :)
    Have a nice day!