Monday, January 28, 2013

Seed Orders

I have been working diligently to whittle down my seed lists.  I have gone from 160 tomato varieties to around 90 and I'm still hacking at it.  It's really hard!  I have a tendency to go all googly eyed for peppers, melons, lettuce and tomatoes.  I've made good progress on them but there are still more to cross off.  My flower list is pretty solid.  I'm sending in a large order to GeoSeed pretty soon.  I just need to fill out the order form.

I have been receiving seed catalogs since I was an early teen, perhaps earlier.  I spent hours upon hours circling all the ones I wanted and filling out the order forms.  I never once have ordered them.  This will be my very first time actually mail ordering seeds.  Exciting times!

We are still working on finding a used greenhouse.  We have our eyes on one down by Port Huron but that is pretty far since it's cold and snowy out.  We would have to take it down and transport it ourselves too.  Why can't I find one up here, ugh.

My favorite catalogs are:

Seed Savers Exchange
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
High Mowing Seeds
Johnny Select Seeds
Territorial Seed Co
Cooks Garden

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