Monday, May 16, 2016


Last week was the busiest week of my life but in a good way! The tulip tulip harvest was in full swing, deliveries everyday, meetung new clients, planting the fields, sowing seeds, hosting my brother's and his girlfriend's graduation party; they are doctors now! All in all it was a wild and fun week.

I'm finally feeling like a real flower farmer.

We put our new mulch layer to work last week too. That thing is magic! It makes the most perfect planting beds complete with drip irrigation tubing and biodegradable plastic mulch on top. All I have to do is put the plants in! Which is enough work to keep me busy forever. Thank goodness I have a few helpers.

We are also starting our walk in cooler project. We have all the supplies now so it's a matter of putting it together. Once that is in we can organize my workshop and storage area. Soon I'll be so organized I won't know what to do with myself.


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  3. Beautiful flowers!
    I love behind the scenes photos!

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