Friday, September 19, 2014

A Quick Recap of Spring

Last spring was a late and cool one but it was one of the best for prolonging spring blooms.  The cooler weather kept flowers in the orchards for weeks and it was magic!  

The crab apple in our backyard was out of this world.  The fragrance wafted into our living room which is about 100 feet away.  The crab is now loaded with tiny red crap apples.  Our three apple trees are loaded with tasty apples too.   

We tilled up the entire front yard this spring to make room for peonies, annuals and shrubs.  I have yet to plant anything in there but I have the stuff.  I now have over 100 new peony plants, dozens of shrubs and trees, tons of bulbs and thousands of perennials.  Next year will be beatiful!

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