Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sowing Time

The snow is gone, almost, and we are getting ready to work the field and plant some seeds!  We have a greenhouse full of transplants to set out too.  In a few weeks the sweet peas, dianthus, broccoli, lettuce, onion, cauliflower, kale, chinese cabbage, pac choi, and cabbage transplants will be ready for the field.

We will be direct sowing mustard greens, peas, kale, beets, carrots, shallots, bunching onions, spinach, arugala, asian greens, larkspur, bupleurum, nigella, and a bunch of other goodies over the next week.

Daffodils are poking there heads out of the soil now.  We have some allium bulbs to plant this week and lots of potting up of last years perennials.  200 asiatic lilies are growing in the greenhouse.  We also have six types of willow and cranberry viburnum cuttings, taking root.  They will make wonderful additions to our seasonal arrangements.

I'm expecting a large delivery of David Austin roses and over 100 trees and shrubs, this week.  In a few years the threes and shrubs will provide us with ample cutting material for arrangements and to help us with sales into the the fall and also early spring.  I will be taking extra precautions against rabbits and mice.  I look around the county and see more damage to the bark of shrubs and trees than I have ever seen.  Have you noticed?

We finally invested in new hand tools this year.  Last year, I made due with old junk.  Now I have four different pairs of clippers including some Felco pruners, three harvest knives, a collinear hoe, stirrup hoe, cultivator, and a really nice bed prep rake.

 Plus, new watering equipment and OMRI approved fish fertilizer and a few gentle, OMRI approved fungicides and pest management treatments.  Last year we had issues with worms in the broccoli, squash bugs were rampant on the zucchini, and powdery mildew attacked a few things.

 I have also purchased 1,500 feet of insect barrier fabric.  I will use it to protect all of the brassica varieties from insects this year.  Also, it will provide a controlled environment for a few delicate flower varieties.

We are also getting over 40 yards of compost this spring.  The first 7 yard load is arriving this week.  Yippee!  The health of the soil makes a huge difference in the health of the plant so it is a worth while investment.

We still have flower shares available this spring.  It is a 12 week bouquet share that begins in June, we hope.  Mother nature has to cooperate.

Happy Spring!

Perbellus Flower Farm

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